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Welcome to the Chade Story: Where Personalization Meets Protection

At Chade, we believe that your smartphone is not just a piece of technology; it's an extension of who you are. We're here to share the heartwarming story of how our brand was born and how we've made it our mission to provide phone cases that reflect your unique identity, making you feel good every day.


The Visionary Behind Chade

Chade's journey began with a remarkable lady that was not your ordinary entrepreneur; she was a visionary with a passion for personalization and self-expression. Her idea was simple yet revolutionary: to create phone cases that went beyond mere protection and became a canvas for individuality.


A Touch of Luxury

The first step was to introduce leather phone cases that exuded luxury and sophistication. She painstakingly sourced the finest leather materials, available in a stunning array of colors. Each color was carefully chosen to resonate with different personalities and styles, giving you the power to express yourself through your phone case.


Personalization Beyond Compare

She wanted your phone case to be truly unique, just like you. That's when she introduced the concept of personalized embossing. Now, you could have your initials elegantly embossed onto your leather phone case, available in a spectrum of captivating foil colors. This customization option allowed you to make a personal statement, turning your phone case into a reflection of your identity.


Elevating Impression

Chade was not just about personalization; it was also about making a lasting impression. She expanded the collection to include phone cases with awe-inspiring designs. These cases weren't just accessories; they were expressions of individuality that left an indelible mark. Our cases became cherished possessions, cherished for their ability to protect your phone and elevate your style.


Chade Today

Our mission remains unwavering: to provide phone cases that reflect your unique identity, making you feel good every time you pick up your phone.


Join the Chade Family

We invite you to be part of the Chade family and experience the magic of personalization and self-expression like never before. Let your phone case be an extension of your identity, a statement of who you are.


Chade. Your Identity, Your Impression.

Welcome to Chade, where personalization meets protection, and your phone case becomes an extension of you. Your identity, your impression - that's Chade.