About Us


c h a d é is about elegance and simplicity. We understand the power in elegant and simple design.

Most of the c h a d é products for iPhone and Samsung have the c h a d é logo in blind embossing. This is so we can be subtle – so your embossing and impression can be loud. Our blind embossed logo also allows you to have your pick of embossing foil colours without clashing with the c h a d é logo. We do love our brand – but we love your impression more!

After the embossing – the case is inspected in detail under magnification. Finally – the case is placed in a beautifully presented box and placed in an individually padded bag ready to be delivered to you via express post.

We hope the moments from unboxing to first placing your phone in a c h a d é case leaves with you a lasting impression of elegance and simplicity – bathed in that overall feeling of quality timeless leather craftmanship.