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Custom-Designed Samsung Phone Cases

Smartphone case shoppers choose our stylish, sophisticated and affordable Samsung Phone Cases at Chade Cases. We are your Australian-owned manufacturers of Samsung phone cases and some of the best leather phone cases on offer.
Premium quality and long-lasting style matter to us — and we know you feel the same way when you choose Chade Cases for all of your Samsung phone cases.

Why You’ll Love Our Cases

All of our beautifully-made products deliver both subtlety and elegance. When you include quality craftsmanship with the style-setting appearance and user-friendly appeal of our blind-embossed leather phone cases and Samsung phone cases, you’ll fall in love with our coveted range of phone cases and all other accessories at Chade Cases.

Besoke Leather Cases For Samsung Phones

We offer a range of quality-made leather phone cases and cusptom phone cases that are made for leading Samsung phone models. These include a specialty selection of Samsung S10 phone cases and Samsung S10 plus phone cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy The Best Samsung Phone Cases?

The best Samsung phone cases are found at Chade Cases. You can easily connect with us via phone, email or online. You can call Chade Cases on:+61 466 042 167, email us, or order your customised Samsung phone case online.

Why Do I Need a Samsung Phone Case?

Your most valuable assets require the utmost protection. So it makes perfect sense that with a Samsung phone case from Chade Cases, your Samsung phone will not only receive the best protection, but it will also look the part to suit your individual style.

What To Look For In a Samsung Phone Case?

You should look for quality craftsmanship, durability, product warranty and a stylishly manufactured and customised Samsung phone case. Choose a phone case that is made to match the exact model of your Samsung phone when you order your perfect Samsung phone case online at Chade Cases.

Are Samsung Phone Cases Available In Leather?

Samsung phone cases are available in leather. You can choose the ideal leather case for your Samsung phone, when you choose to shop with Chade Cases.

Our raw-material leather is ethically and sustainably sourced, providing premium quality in our products and peace of mind for the leather phone case and Samsung phone case purchaser.