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iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

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Protect the source of your power with your uniquely embossed c h a d é pebbled leather phone case. In distinctive colours to match your ever-changing mood and look, c h a d é phone cases are the perfect accessories for every occasion.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max phone case is a classic piece of timeless leather craftmanship. The leather is a pebbled pattern which is stylish, simple and enables an easy grip. Available in a range of colours you're sure to make that impression.



Dimensions H 15.8 cm / 6.22 inches x W 7.8 cm / 3.06 inches x D 0.8 cm / 0.32 inches


  • Complimentary embossing
  • Crafted with the finest pebble leather
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Form fitted to maintain a comfortable grip
  • Slim, light, distinctive
  • Openings to access audio, ports and phone controls