5 Outfits that Complement Your Leather Accessories

Aren’t leather accessories like phone cases, wallets, laptop sleeves, etc., the best? They look so elegant and luxurious, despite being so affordable.

The true definition of class. Often, the best way to make our understated leather accessories stand out is to choose the right outfits to pair with them.

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Top Tips for Cleaning Finger Oil Stains from Your Mobile Phone Case

Your phone case protects your mobile phone and touches all types of surfaces such as restaurant tables, bathroom counters, and sometimes even the ground.

It picks up dirt and germs from these surfaces and transfers them to your face and hands. Like you wash your hands to clean them, isn't it time you clean your mobile phone case too?

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A List of Things You Would Miss Out Without Your Mobile Phone
If your mobile phone was damaged because it didn't have a protective casing, you would no doubt feel inconvenienced. Not being able to text and make calls would put a damper on your social and work life - even if for a few days until your repaired or new phone arrives. Here's a breakdown of all the things you would struggle with if you were left without your mobile phone. 
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