Why Your Phone Absolutely Needs a Case

Why Your Phone Absolutely Needs a Case

My phone won't break if it falls. I'm not clumsy. A phone case is a rip-off. These statements usually come back to haunt people after their smartphone screen has suffered a crack. Phone cases go a long way in protecting your device against inevitable scratches and accidents.

Reduces impact of falls 

A quality phone case acts as a protective layer between your phone's glass/chassis and the floor. Even Gorilla glass can sustain a crack if it drops from a considerable height or with great force on a solid or rough surface. A leather phone case absorbs the shock and reduces the severity of the impact. We say leather because it is a tough fabric that outlives every other type of fabric. For the highest levels of protection against falls and damage, consider a leather phone case. 

A defense against scratches

Your phone shares space with your keys, wallets and coins in your pocket or purse. It rubs against and makes contact with the contents of your purse/wallet on a regular basis. You handle your phone at least a few times a day, removing it and placing it back into your wallet, or zipping it within your purse pocket. There are so many opportunities for your phone's glass or even its chassis to suffer scratches. While they won't affect the electronics, they detract from the overall look of your phone. Many small scratches on your phone glass can prevent you from getting the best experience from your device.

Of course, you could avoid placing your phone in the same pocket as your keys or coins but remembering to do this all the time can be a pain. A phone case provides a constant barrier to these things and cocoons your device safely in your pocket.

For style and easy identification

A well-designed phone case is eye-catching. If you have concerns about showing an exorbitantly priced or customized phone publicly, a phone case offers the privacy you seek. A distinctive phone case also allows for easy identification of your device on a restaurant table or conference room. These little but meaningful benefits become apparent once you start using a leather phone case.

The price of a phone case is worth it when you consider the costs of replacing or repairing your mobile phone or its screen after it has broken or accumulated many small scratches. A phone case made from leather is the best bet for its character, longevity and easy maintenance.

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