Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Phone Out in the Sun

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Phone Out in the Sun

You know sitting out in the sun for too long is not good. But, did you know it is not good for your phone either? Your smartphone has a heat tolerance and must be protected from extreme temperatures.

Leaving your phone on the dash in a hot car or leaving your phone on a table in the blazing sun could cause your phone to overheat. Your phone battery could also discharge a lot faster if you leave your phone in the sun for long. You may even suffer data loss.

Here's why leaving your phone in the sun is a bad idea:


The battery loses its charge

Sun exposure causes your battery to drain very quickly, even for a short while. Prolonged sun exposure puts even more strain on the battery. In extreme cases, your battery could lose its ability to charge, leaving you with a useless phone.

The touchscreen may stop working

Phones are made of metal and glass, and both these materials absorb heat very quickly. Leaving your phone in the sun causes the phone to overheat, which could subsequently cause your touchscreen to malfunction or stop working entirely.


Data loss and corruption

Besides causing damage to your battery and touchscreen, sun exposure could also cause internal damage. If your phone has overheated, it can cause several internal damages, such as motherboard failure, data loss, or it may even corrupt the files on your phone.


Complete shut down

Most phones will start to shut down if their temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Luckily, most modern smartphones will alert you if they are overheating. If you see such a notification, ensure that you take the phone out of the heat before it completely shuts down. If you are out and about, having a working phone is an absolute must for your safety.


It could cause the battery to leak

Did you know extreme heat could also cause your battery to leak? If you fail to cool your phone down in time, your battery may even overheat and catch fire.

If you ever leave your phone out in the sun accidentally, keep it in the shade to cool off. An overheated phone could be a safety hazard.

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