Why You Don’t Always Need To Upgrade Your Phone

Why You Don’t Always Need To Upgrade Your Phone

With every passing year, smartphone manufacturers release newer versions of smartphones, enticing us to upgrade our current model with the latest one. But in reality, you don’t really need to upgrade to the latest model. Why? In this article, we highlight the top 5 reasons why you don't need to upgrade your smartphone yearly or once in two years.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Upgrade Your Smartphone Every Time

Software Features Get Incremental Upgrades Nowadays

Earlier, smartphones went through significant feature upgrades, but today smartphones undergo incremental upgrades rather than revolutionary changes. When a phone manufacturer releases a smartphone in a new category, the first few models come with many upgrades. As the smartphone matures, the innovation slows down, and you see incremental upgrades only. Hence, upgrading your smartphone to the latest model is not needed.


Your Smartphone Gets Software Update Support

Today, smartphones come with software update support which helps the phones to run efficiently for several years. Just after the phone’s release, your smartphone manufacturer provides software updates and security support for more than two years. So, if you are planning to buy a new phone for some software features, you don’t need to. Your current smartphone will get the same software features once you update your smartphone.


Your Smartphone Battery Performance Can Be Enhanced With A Few Tweaks

One of the major reasons for a phone upgrade is an irritating battery. There are many reasons for this frustration, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace your current smartphone with a new one. A few tweaks here and there can help fix the battery problems. If you are unhappy with your smartphone's battery performance, you can try factory resetting. A factory reset brings the smartphone to its original setting, clearing all the unwanted apps that are affecting your battery’s performance. Doing this will lead to better battery performance.


Smartphones Come With Better Camera

Another major reason for many to upgrade their phones is to get their hands on a better camera. In the early days of smartphones, upgrading existing phones was a necessity because the phones' cameras were not powerful but today that is not the case. All modern smartphones are equipped with a powerful camera which is enough to build a vibrant library of memories.


Smartphone Upgrade Can Impact The Environment

Frequent smartphone upgrades can adversely impact the environment. The production of smartphones, packaging, and shipping, all contribute to polluting the environment. By extending the lifespan of your current smartphone, you can reduce the adverse impacts on the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.


To Sum Up

Smartphone manufacturers make us believe that your existing one-year-old smartphone is outdated and that you need to upgrade to a new one. Don’t fall for that. You don’t need to upgrade your existing smartphone every time. All the above reasons are testimony to why you should not go for an upgrade. And remember one thing, by avoiding the temptation to upgrade, you save money and reduce e-waste.

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