Which Color Leather Phone Case Goes Best with Your Personality?

Which Color Leather Phone Case Goes Best with Your Personality?

Not sure which color leather phone case to buy for yourself? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we break down what different colors tell us about different personalities. Read on and find the perfect leather phone case color for yourself.


1. Black

Black represents a silent, calm and intense personality. People who love black don’t mind being different from the crowd and taking risks that others hesitate to take. They might be a little serious and also tend to garner the respect of those around them.


2. White 

White represents purity and sophistication. People who love white tend to enjoy the finer things in life. They are calm, collected, and very chic. There is an innocence to them, which others love. They enjoy activities like meditation and yoga, which puts them in a Zen mindset.


3. Tan/Brown

Tan and brown are both earthy colors. They represent security and warmth. There is some level of trustworthiness around the person who likes tan or brown. They are someone who is dependable and who is grounded. These people can often be practical, leading with their heads, rather than their hearts. They are often great providers of material comfort to their loved ones.


4. Orange

Orange is the creative force. People who love orange are friendly and cheerful and super creative. They are someone who loves to jump into their next big project and get into the thick of things. People who love orange, make great reliable friends who will push others outside their comfort zone.


5. Red 

Red is fiery and passionate. People who love red might sometimes seem too hot-headed, but they are so only because they passionately care about the cause. They are individuals who are willing to take risks and step out of their comfort zone. They might be people who love to seek adventure and might even be impulsive.


6. Blue 

Blue exudes such a calming energy and can be representative of someone who is chilled, and also someone who enjoys luxury. After all, blue is one of the royal colors. People who love blue are harmonious and love being the peacemakers between others. They are very compassionate and make great friends. They are also gentle and lean towards the healing arts.


7. Green 

Green is the fertile earth and represents material abundance. People who love green tend to enjoy working with the earth. They love helping people succeed in their careers or their personal lives. They are very kind and the first to offer material/monetary support to those in need.


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