Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile Data

Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile Data

Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile Data


Imagine! You are traveling and while traveling you start watching a video on Youtube using your mobile data. Midway through the video suddenly the video buffers. Ugh! This would certainly rile you up. This is one incident that you were hoping never to happen while you are traveling. The culprit is slow mobile data. Slow mobile data can be one of the worst experiences ever. In this article, we will give you some of the smartest tips to boost your mobile data. But before going into that, let’s understand why your mobile data is slow.


Why Your Mobile Data Is Slow?

Slow mobile data occurs due to the following reasons:

Poor Signals

The data speed is directly dependent on the signal strength. If the network signal strength is poor, there will be transmission errors. As a result, affects the mobile data speed.


There are many benefits to cache. One among them is that they can load a website instantly. However, when the cache gets overloaded, it can affect the mobile data speed.


Multiple background applications running on your mobile data can slow down the overall speed of the internet. Even the best data plans fail to perform as required when multiple apps are running in the background.

Tips To Boost Your Mobile Data

Clear Cache

Over time, your web browser may collect a lot of caches. Removing these files may speed up your mobile internet. Deleting cache also speeds up your mobile performance. By removing junk files, cache, and unwanted data, you can boost your smartphone’s performance.

Disable Network-Heavy Apps

Network-heavy apps eat into much of the bandwidth, thus leaving less bandwidth to other apps. Identify the apps that are eating into the bandwidth and disable their access to the mobile data. You can identify them by going through the Settings option.

Disable Auto App Update

As you are using your phone, in the background apps update automatically. The auto app update feature can drain the speed of your mobile data. The ideal solution is to disable the auto-update feature for every application and update the app manually in your own time.

Reset Your Mobile Network Settings

Resetting your mobile network settings can sometimes fix a slow mobile data connection. All you need to do is go to the settings -> mobile network settings -> turn off the automatic settings. After that, manually select the network operator on your screen. 

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes restarting your phone can fix the sluggish cellular data speeds. When restarting, turn off your phone for two minutes and then restart.

Reinsert Your Sim Card

You can remove your sim card and then reinsert it. Sometimes this works. This helps in fixing the underlying issues the phone has with the network carrier.

In Conclusion

Slow mobile data can be very frustrating whether you have an iPhone or Android. When you watch a video or look up information, you can easily get upset when the mobile data is not performing as you wanted it to. Before, you call your network operator for help, try these tips and see if they fix your slow mobile data issues.

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