How to Care for Leather Goods

How to Care for Leather Goods

How to Care for Leather Goods

Leather is a special fabric that requires special care but is, by no means, high-maintenance. By taking good care of your leather accessories, you can retain their youthful beauty for longer.

Protect from the elements 

Leather has pretty good water resistance but not a whole lot. So, avoid letting your leather phone case, tote or other accessory frequently get wet in the rain. When leather gets wet, the oils it contains bind to water molecules. As water evaporates, it carries the oils along with it, affecting the supple quality of leather.

Over exposure to sun causes leather to fade. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can dry out leather, reducing its suppleness and making it brittle. As much as possible, keep your leather phone case, bag or other accessory out of the sun. It is possible to restore sun-faded leather, but that's something to consider years after you've held on to your precious leather accessory!

Clean gently

Leather can accumulate stains quite easily. Avoid handling your leather accessory with greasy hands.

Clean leather as and when it gets dirty or dusty. It's as easy as wiping down your leather phone case with a soft cloth. You can use a slightly damp cloth to remove smudges or light stains.

The good news is that leather oil or conditioner easily removes light scratches on leather. But what if your leather accessory has accumulated a lot of dust, dirt and stains? Do not toss it into the washing machine!

Wash and condition it using special products intended for the particular fabric. Make sure you follow instructions and understand how the color or texture of the leather might be affected due to the wash.

Don't use a blow dryer

In case your leather phone case falls in a puddle or gets soaked due to water accidentally falling on it, let it air dry. Using a hair dryer even on low or medium heat can stress out the leather and affect its texture.

Keep away from unnatural sources of heat

Avoid keeping your leather accessories close to the radiator or other artificial sources of heat on a regular basis. The leather can dry out and become brittle over time.

Store carefully

Leather is a tough fabric. Even so, there's only so much rough, inconsiderate use that it can bear. Besides regular cleaning intervals, take care to ensure that your leather accessory doesn't make contact with sharp or embellished surfaces that can leave cuts and scratches. Place your leather phone case in a space where there is no chance of it rubbing against anything with a spiked surface. Store your expensive leather handbag in a dust bag.

Including these tips in your leather cleaning and maintenance routine should keep your accessories looking attractive and refined for years to come.

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