How are leather phone cases better than silicone cases?

Leather phone cases

How are leather phone cases better than silicone cases?

The only other thing that most people buy along with an expensive phone is a phone case. Your phone is a valuable possession and you don't want to see a single scratch on it, keeping it protected from day one. But often in our rush to get a new phone case as soon as we can, we tend to overlook the importance of its quality. Your phone case has to do what it is meant to do - protect your phone. Buying a phone case in a hurry or settling for something cheap and affordable often lands you a bad deal, contrary to what you expected.

The apparently affordable and sleek-looking silicone cases are only a waste of your money and may eventually cost you more than a high-quality leather phone case. Here's why.

Silicone cases turn sticky

Let's get the worst out of the way first. The biggest problem with cheap silicone phone cases is that they tend to turn sticky to touch after a few months of use. Not only is that uncomfortable to use, but it may also cause the case to stick to your phone. This results in marks and stains on the phone wherever the case sticks to it. It also causes dust and dirt to get trapped on the edges. So instead of protecting your phone, it is actually causing more damage.

Leather phone cases, on the other hand, remain as good as new for a very long time and do not cling to your phone as silicone does.

Silicone cases are fingerprint magnets

If you are opting for one of the transparent silicone phone cases, rest assured that you will soon have fingerprints all over it in no time. It makes your phone look dirty and old sooner than it is supposed to. Leather phone cases don't pose this problem as leather has an irregular surface and does not capture fingerprints easily.

Transparent silicone turns yellow

Another major problem with transparent silicone cases is that they turn yellow after a few months of use. Though the transparent case may allow you to flaunt your phone in the beginning, it ruins the look of your phone once it starts turning yellow. You will have to replace your silicone case more often, which will eventually cost you more than a leather case.

Silicone cases are less durable than leather cases

Silicone cases may be stretchable and flexible, but they have a shorter lifespan. They tend to tear at the edges, especially if you have to put them on and off your phone frequently. This happens more often around the cutouts for the charging port or camera and such. With a leather case though, you don't have to worry about such damage for years to come.

Leather is also more durable when it comes to offering protection, as compared to silicone.

Summing up

So here it is. There is a clear winner when it comes to choosing between a silicone case and a leather case for your phone. If you want a phone case that protects, lasts longer, and offers you value for money, a leather phone case is just what you need. If you are willing to compromise with your phone's safety and keep changing phone cases every few months though, a silicone phone case might suffice.

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