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Everything You Need to Know About the Proposed Satellite Communication Feature in iPhone 14

Everything You Need to Know About the Proposed Satellite Communication Feature in iPhone 14

When it comes to connectivity, Apple has always been on the cutting edge—something that's expected of their user-focused, high-quality design approach. Now, the iPhone 14 is likely to set the bar high because it's expected to come with a satellite communication feature. It's a new emergency feature that the tech giant wishes to introduce to help you stay connected when your WiFi and cellular networks are not available. Experts from the company are looking at ways to incorporate the ability in future iPhones so that you send emergency texts when you are stuck in a situation in a remote location.

For most of you, this feature may sound familiar. That's because there have been reports of satellite connectivity for iPhones before the launch of the iPhone 13. Those reports outlined a setup process for connecting the iPhone to satellite networks when you face an emergency. However, the iPhone 13, which launched last September, didn't include the feature. The rumor about satellite communication never faded away. Recently, reports surfaced in March that claimed that Apple would launch the feature in this fall's lineup.


It's unclear if the new feature would be included with all new iPhones or whether it would come on the iPhone 14 Pro models. Let's not forget these models are anticipated to get some really significant changes. It's important to note that the proposed satellite connectivity would not allow activities like web browsing or streaming video. It is being reported as an essential emergency communication feature. It's set to be an extremely useful feature for people who get stuck in remote locations without a reliable connection on their phone.

Clearly, Apple sees connectivity as a differentiating factor for its future mobile devices. We can only speculate and hope that the tech giant is able to live up to the excellent designs and features it has always provided to its users. If you are looking to invest in the upcoming iPhone, you should consider getting a durable leather casing to keep it protected against external jolts and shocks.