A List of Things You Would Miss Out Without Your Mobile Phone

A List of Things You Would Miss Out Without Your Mobile Phone

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People use their mobile phones in common and unique ways. Years ago, when Nokia released a torch feature for its mobile phones, people in India used it to navigate poorly lit streets, and deal with frequent power outages. Today, mobile phone uptake has risen among older adults who understand that a mobile phone is integral to their health and safety. A 2020 report on tech trends among seniors by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) identified the smartphone as the top tech purchase by older Americans. 

If your mobile phone was damaged because it didn't have a protective casing, you would no doubt feel inconvenienced. Not being able to text and make calls would put a damper on your social and work life - even if for a few days until your repaired or new phone arrives. Here's a breakdown of all the things you would struggle with if you were left without your mobile phone. 

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1. Communication 

Sure, you can use Google Meet, Skype and Facebook Messenger on your PC. But they're impossible or unwieldy to use when you need to talk or chat to someone while you're lying down, on the treadmill, or going about your daily chores. 

2. Reminders

In the habit of setting reminders on your phone? You'll have to rely on your memory or request a family member/colleague to remind you about upcoming meetings and events. 

3. Mobile payments

No-contact mobile payments are being increasingly preferred for safety and hygiene reasons. They're super-quick and many merchants prefer them to credit and debit card payments. 

4. Scanning

From scanning QR codes for product details, discounts and building shopping lists, to making quick digital copies of documents, mobile phones are handy in expected and unexpected ways. 

5. Photos

If you use your smartphone for photography, you will miss not being able to capture photo opportunities for your social media pages. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you may face other disruptions. Something to think about when you decide to forego a smartphone case or don't take adequate care of your device. 




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