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Top Tips for Cleaning Finger Oil Stains from Your Mobile Phone Case

3 days ago

Your phone case protects your mobile phone and touches all types of surfaces such as restaurant tables, bathroom counters, and sometimes even the ground.

It picks up dirt and germs from these surfaces and transfers them to your face and hands. Like you wash your hands to clean them, isn't it time you clean your mobile phone case too?

A List of Things You Would Miss Out Without Your Mobile Phone

If your mobile phone was damaged because it didn't have a protective casing, you would no doubt feel inconvenienced. Not being able to text and make calls would put a damper on your social and work life - even if for a few days until your repaired or new phone arrives. Here's a breakdown of all the things you would struggle with if you were left without your mobile phone. 

The Importance of Staying Connected in Today's World

In a digitally connected world, we sometimes forget the importance of having a good mobile phone that can make our lives easier and happier. No doubt you use your internet-enabled smartphone for a range of daily activities. Can you imagine going without your phone for a week? Life would become topsy-turvy pretty soon. 
Leather manufacture and sustainability

Leather Manufacture And Sustainability

The leather manufacturing industry has been in the eye of the storm for many years now when it comes to sustainability in business. There have been many controversies and debates about whether leather manufacturing is sustainable or not.
How leather manufacturing takes the environment into consideration

How Leather Manufacturing Takes The Environment Into Consideration

Leather manufacturing has always been a burgeoning industry around the world. While the business itself is age-old, the processes and practices used have evolved over time. Today’s leather manufacturers are more conscious of the environment and their responsibility towards sustainability more than ever.

How to Care for Leather Goods

How to Care for Leather Goods

Leather is a special fabric that requires special care but is, by no means, high-maintenance. By taking good care of your leather accessories, you can retain their youthful beauty for longer.

Why Your Phone Absolutely Needs a Case

Why Your Phone Absolutely Needs a Case

Phone cases go a long way in protecting your device against inevitable scratches, accidents, and in particular falls.